Sunday, January 6, 2013

When I participated in joining KKN

Sorry for the late post.
This is an activity I shared with the group to follow the KKN a few months ago. Thanks to suci, kak pras, kak yanto, and isya for partnering. It was wonderful experience. I still remember when having to search for the bank, as a condition for financial inclusion. And also when searching the houses of residents, to invite increased their financial cycle. And lastly thank you for all people in kelurahan Cikini always helps us to be able to communicate with the population.
Aaah I miss you guys! I miss the moment!
Buy the way, congratulations to suci and kak pras for the graduation last month. 
Pray for my will soon follow you guys this year. Amiiin.
Thank you all. Hug! :)

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