Thursday, January 23, 2014

Bulid Trip To Japan

Omo! A week ago my mother went to Japan in order to work. Of course I and family did not join her to go there. So jealous!! This is some of the photos I had stolen from the camera. And the stories I heard from herMaybe someday I can follow her. I want to go to Paris and Korea. Hahaha Daebak. Let's begin to pray. Amen. The first step it seems I must improve my English is bad hiks. And the second step is to gather money very much yeeaaah. Starting now! Hwaiting!

*Sorry there are some words in korean language, despite telling about Japan hehehe.

The first one was done my mother was buying yen. 
And after flying through several countries during seven hours finally she arrived at Narita Airport. The first day there the temperature is minus two waow.
This is a photo of the first view of the Tokyo that I found on my camera. Views of the city of the bus and from top of a window a hotel room. And I heard she stay at Yaesu Fujiya Hotel.
First meal after arriving in Japan. Not Japanese food.
After two hours rest in hotels, group enjoy the atmosphere around hotels, in the area shopping Ginza.
When dinner finally they served Japanese food. That I remember my mother doesn't like sushi and of raw food. But here she likes all of them. Even raw meat mixed a raw egg she also like. She said good. Only cold soup disliked. I was confused! -_-
The second day, they went to Kawagoe to see the atmosphere village in Japan.
For lunch finally sushi. And my mom very excited, although raw. Omo! Why she doesn't like sushi Jakarta??
After that they go to the mill sakai to meeting and see technology the procedure of making heavy equipment.
Fixed dinner with various raw food. Especially raw seafood. And they are on a boat.
The third day they will go to Kyoto by the use of train transportation super fast Shinkansen.
Lunch it seems that looks better than earlier.
I forgot the name of this place but look good. It seems that this is one of the temple contained 1000 a statue of the monks.
The fourth day. They will go to Mitshubisi office use train again. Food that is provided in Shinkansen a little bit like the food I eat at a Japan Restaurant Jakarta.
After meeting, they saw the surrounding areas. In office mitshubisi this is a robot smart. It was funny!
Aigo, I also forgot the name and the story about this place hehehe. Sorry.
Proceed on a journey by using a regular train to the Tokyo Sky Tree.
Arrived at Tokyo Sky Tree. Here they can see the city of Tokyo and always take a picture.
Because tomorrow morning should go back again to jakarta, so this little time they use to shopping quickly. And dinner together.

It's all story mother trip to Japan. Wait the story about handicraft or some chocolate that to buy mother at Japan in next post. Don't miss it!!! Hehehe. See u :*

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