Monday, March 17, 2014

Waku Waku Japan

Woaaah miss so much my blog!!!
It is time to clear away dust. And start to post a back. Sorry leave blog this for some time. Miss miss miss~

By the way,,,
Months ago, me, mother, and sister was invited by tante Antik (wife of om Ebeng) to come the Waku - Waku Japan at JCC. So we come its free! Yeiy Alhamdulillah. It turns out his show not only the opening of Waku - Waku Japan are already present in Indonesia, but we all also entertained by JKT48, Afgan, BCL and Flampool (Japanese band). 
The shows are fun! Because we are at the festival and near enough to the stage, so we can jump and sway to the rhythm. There is an awful lot of fans of JKT48 which in general is male. For myself, very much enjoyed the show from my boy Afgan hahaha. He looks cute, handsome, and thin, unlike on tv. Well this is all I can tell you wrote that. So sorry the photo is not that good, because it is not allowed to bring a camera. And my mobile also could not make good photos.

Afgan <3
JKT48 !

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